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This is How You Can Know Which Type Of Energy Healing Is For You

Posted by Rev Rosalie Dehmuir on May 22, 2017 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (0)

This is How You Can Know Which Type Of Energy Healing Is For You


BY GOSTICA · MAY 22, 2017


How To Know Which Type Of Energy Healing Is For You


All around the world you find various kinds of energy healing practitioners practicing a smorgasbord of disciplines. So what are the different kinds of energy healing & which one is right for you?


Unlike modern medicine, energy healing aims to release the symptoms by curing the cause of the ailment – whether that cause is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.


What’s more, energy healing work can be applied to any area of your life, from health to finances to relationships to emotions; you name it and the issue or challenge can be cleared permanently from your life.


The choice of modality is really about you and what you are comfortable with. Good practitioners will be able to help you regardless of the modality they practice – they’re just more likely to be an expert navigator in their chosen field of application.


At the end of the day though, almost all roads lead to Rome, and you should be able to use most of the available modalities out there to achieve inner peace and joy in pretty much any area of your life.



For the rare instances that you aren’t able to find relief, the list below may give you a better idea of the type of healing help you want to seek out.



Clearings & entity removals

Shamans and medicine men are great all-round healers because they will be able to help you work on a variety of aspects and achieve noticeable relief, usually pretty quickly.


Whether you have a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual ailment, the majority of processes run by a shaman will be able to help you.


Most Shamanic work is based on the concept of helping you to reintegrate small aspects of your soul that have been hidden and protected during the shocking and traumatic experiences you’ve been through, as well as working directly on your “physical” energetic body.


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Most often the realm of the shaman or medicine man, clearings and entity removals can also be performed by advanced healers.


If you’ve been working on an aspect for a while and haven’t been able to achieve a breakthrough, then there may be a negative energy or entity attached somehow that has been interfering.



You can think of entities like mini-demons that may be attached to you, to someone else, or to the energy of an area you are working on in your life.


Symptoms that could indicate an entity attack include:


Sudden loss of energy, illness or pain

Repeatedly being drawn back into the same cycles

Unexplained illness

Failure of healing work

Chronic and persistent suicide and depression

Persistent feelings of low self worth and negative self talk

Very localized pain that sometimes moves location

Ways that we pick up entities include pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants, as there are a lot of negative energies hanging around those places, and the alcohol lowers your psychic defenses.


Women are also advised not to wear their hair down in public, as this helps attract negative energies that cling to the hair.



Body support, illness & chronic illness

For acute and chronic illness, and general body support and maintenance, you can look at modalities like BodyTalk to support your system and help it heal naturally while getting the energies moving and flowing.


Acupressure, acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Reiki will also most likely help you find relief, while Resonance Repatterning can be used to change belief systems, generational patterns, active memories and other past influences that may be impacting you – the “emotional” and “mental” causes behind your illness.



Changing your emotional state

For acute emotional states like shock and trauma, as well as long-term negative emotional states like depression, you can apply most, if not all of the types of healing modalities.


Modalities like BodyTalk, acupressure and Reiki will help you deal effectively with immediate shock and acute emotional states. A shaman should also be able to assist you with this.


The management of longer-term emotional issues like depression will benefit from life coaching, shamanic work, Resonance Repatterning to change your belief systems and energetic resonance with past influences, and long-term ongoing BodyTalk sessions to realign your energetic system and help you create a new reality.


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BodyTalk sessions can also be used quite effectively by introducing statements and challenges at the beginning of the session, as you would do in Resonance Repatterning.



Changing belief systems & creating change in your life

When you get down to the nuts and bolts of it, all energy healing is about changing the belief systems you have inside you so that the universe responds differently to you and you experience a different reality that is attracted to you.


All forms of energy healing will process through your physical body in the final stages, and the final mechanisms will always be twofold inside you:


firstly you will have a mental/emotional realization (a thought or feeling), and

secondly the “shift” will release through your physical body and be expelled, either through your excretory system (urine and feces), gas (bubbling in your tummy, burping and passing gas), or tears and sweat.

If you’ve ever had an a-ha moment of insight, you’ve experienced the mental and emotional shift.


An a-ha moment is an instant where you have a different thought about something and it makes you realize that you have been seeing something wrongly, and you change your mind about it – usually immediately and in that instant.


It’s also often accompanied by a thought of, “How could I ever have been that stupid?!”


In many cases, the a-ha moment of insight (mental and emotional realization) is the element you are actually looking for in a shift, because it’s the element that creates conscious change inside you as a person.


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Many healing modalities aim to bring you to these moments of realization by shifting through emotional, physical, spiritual and subconscious “blocks” that you have, allowing the information to come to the surface. There are however a few exceptions.


Some healing modalities allow you to tackle beliefs and belief systems head on, triggering the energetic release of alignment by bringing the awareness to your consciousness. These modalities include:


Resonance Repatterning which identifies errant beliefs by using kinesiology, and then programs these out of your system and while programming in a new reality.

The Mirrors of Relationship is a powerful coaching and personal growth mechanism that offers a framework for analyzing your challenge and enables you to reach a-ha moments of insight.

Life coaching offers you a guided support framework in which to effect change in all areas of your life, utilizing a number of different methodologies, tools and practices, depending on the areas of expertise of the coach. Coaching applications range from NeuroLinguistic Programming to Hypnotherapy, energy healing, tapping and more.


Guidance & support on your journey

In Kabbalistic practice you are taught to seek out and align yourself to a teacher, because you need a mentor to help you walk a spiritual journey.


The role of the mentor is multipronged, as the mentor provides support, advice and guidance to make sure you don’t make silly mistakes, get stuck unnecessarily or land up misinterpreting something because you don’t have a frame of reference for it.


Working with a guru, mentor, coach, spiritual teacher or shaman can significantly help you reduce the time you spend on your spiritual journey, as you draw on their wisdom and experience to help you surge.


From neutrality of emotion (feeling empty), to deep depression and an awareness that nothing on earth will ever make you happy, there are a number of lessons on the spiritual and personal growth paths that can trip you up badly if you interpret them in the wrong way.


Ultimately you always have a choice about whether you perceive lessons and tests in a positive or negative light.


A simple shift in perspective from a seasoned journeyer can change the way you perceive almost anything, and prevent you a lot of unnecessary pain and anguish.


A good spiritual coach or mentor will help you find these angles that allow you see, and experience, positively-framed growth that energizes, rather than drains you.


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Source: thespiritscience.net


Posted by Rev Rosalie Dehmuir on May 22, 2017 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (0)


 photo Arcturian_zpsijhpzj6n.jpg


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.


We have begun to understand on a deeper level what it means to be human and what it means to be human and incarnate on planet Earth at this time. We have a newfound respect and a great deal of compassion for all of you. We tell you this because we want you to have compassion for yourselves.


We want you to recognize that no matter how much compassion we feel for you and project out to you, it is so much better when you give it to yourselves. It is going to make your journeys so much easier if you are able to let yourselves off the hook. Instead of measuring your success, and instead of analyzing how far along you are as compared to how far along you would like to be, seek compassion for yourselves.


What is compassion? Compassion is understanding that the challenges that you face are enormous, that you are doing the best you can, and that you can offer unconditional love to yourselves and to others because you know that the journey you are all on is filled with disappointment and loss, failure and suffering. And if you can know these experiences yourself, and know that others are experiencing them as well, then you can extend that compassion inward and outward.


And, better still, you will be able to receive it. You will be able to receive the compassion that we offer you and that others do as well. Compassion doesn’t just mean weeping for the unfortunate experiences that you and others have had. Compassion is about finding strength in the sorrow. It is about finding the will to continue, and it is about allowing everything to be just as it is.


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When you offer compassion to yourselves, you free yourselves of judgment. You give yourselves a break, and you are able to let go of any need to be anywhere other than where you currently are. And that is liberating. So with compassion comes freedom, and with freedom comes the ability to create something else, something new, something better, something you can celebrate with joy.


We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Channeled by Daniel Scranton


Posted by Rev Rosalie Dehmuir on May 22, 2017 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

2016-2017 ENERGIES


May 20, 2017704 0

 photo Higher-Densities-2-790x381_zpsi03rmcz0.jpg


Lisa Renee –


Dear Ascending Family,


Inverted Systems feed upon human co-creative consciousness by purposely tricking people out of their personal intent and consent. With the current acceleration of the electronic era, the exploitation to manipulate and extract energy from humanity is at an all-time high. This month we look at Inverted Systems and how to identify them, in order not to feed them or co-create with them. Simply put, where we place our attention directs our consciousness energy, while where we place our intention is what transforms that energy. To increase the frequency and quality of consciousness energy and intention, the single most important thing we must do is remove the ego personality and outer forces from exerting their control over our personal consciousness energy or intention. On a positive note, the available raw materials are shifting in the bifurcation, and this allows for improvements in the quality of manifesting in the future, when aligned to Cosmic Sovereign Law.


The conflict for territory and control over human beings is escalating in a quiet war using silent AI mind control weapons during the electrical peak cycle. Empaths can feel this silent war raging, while many of the non-empaths cannot. This is the pinnacle wave of electrical force field transmission in the annual ecliptic cycle, which adds to the intensity and razor sharpness of transmissions of artificial electrical fields in the environment. As such, this time is the annual period in which some people will experience kundalini activation, spiritual awakening or expanding consciousness as they are exposed to the increased electrical activity on the planet.


Conversely, others that are unknowingly exposed to the massive increase of targeted AI broadcasts in certain demographics are undergoing pressurized reversals, wallowing deeper in fear, pain, suffering and numbness. When the external signals are massively intensified it produces the effect of amplified noise through crashing sound waves. The body may feel accosted by the incessant static noise that cannot actually be heard, but is sensed and felt. AI broadcasts can feel razor sharp and generally make people feel anxious, irritated and frazzled. For most people, it is the sensation of being harassed with an inability to identify exactly what is harassing you. With so much booming electronic harassment drowning out the subtleties, this can diminish the ability to feel the higher consciousness that is present on the earth now. When we can identify and sense this negative static noise being transmitted through artificial intelligence broadcasts in the environment, we can find ways to maintain control over our body and life force, while neutralizing its harmful effects. Thus, in these heightened times of dark aggression that define the war over human consciousness, it is important to better comprehend the anti-life reversals that are constructed in the Inverted Systems of energy, built by the Controllers.


On planet earth we have been existing in a fallen closed loop system or bi-wave architecture that operates in energetic reversals and results in the manufacturing and growth of Inverted Systems. Inverted systems of energy are reversal networks and they impact every single facet of human consciousness and earthly life. Inverted Systems could be better understood as the intended construction of the upside down world, where everything that appears one way in the physical world may actually be the polar opposite of how it appears. The NAA and the Imposter spirit can more easily hide behind Inverted Systems, and seek to generate them everywhere in order to infiltrate and control the direction of all collective consciousness energy within the planet. The NAA and Controllers base their secret societies and organizational schematics on Inverted Systems throughout human civilization, to align with these ley line reversal networks. This is evidenced through the nefarious design and propagation of the main Controller Pillars of Society,which are Inverted Systems. These are used explicitly to propagate worldwide reversal networks, and are therefore used to divert and collect the consciousness energy of the masses.


Reversal Networks


Reversal networks are alien machinery that use artificial intelligence programming to simulate, replicate and imitate the organic forces of creation for the express purposes of collecting, siphoning and redirecting the consciousness energy of humanity. The artificial intelligence architecture is synthesized into the multiple layers of the planetary field in order to collect energy, harvest it, and send it to off-planet sources. Or the collected life force energy is directed to their preferred power elite or cabal groups on planet earth that are carrying out their control agenda on the surface. So the aggregate of the collective consciousness energies collected by Inverted Systems are basically given, with preference, to humans or nonhumans that serve the NAA control infrastructure and the human enslavement agenda. Once the reversal networks were operating in the planetary grid network, they needed humans to feed their consciousness energy into them, and so the infrastructure for building out Inverted Systems throughout global society was set up for that purpose.


This was accomplished through the Negative Alien Invasion, in which they captured the organic creation code in order to operate artificial intelligence programs. These programs project an assortment of reversal networks using the hijacked code from the original universal creator. The captured code running the many NAA machines and frequency fences on the planet, are AI systems that were downloaded into the planetary brain, to project reversal holograms and false timelines. False timelines keep repeating in order to trap collective consciousness into playing out the same AI mind programs and realities over and over again. This method was used to trap souls on the astral plane through forced recycling into the lowest density of the earth plane. Over the previous evolution cycles, this AI generated timeline was repeated and replicated onto multiple dimensional planes of the earth, including in the parallel systems.


This impacts many stations of identity that exist on higher planes that are also undergoing the shocking revelation that what they believed was organic creation, is actually the NAA’s AI brain simulating realities for energy harvesting. The creation code was imitated to insert mass mind control broadcasts that program the functions of the counterfeit blueprint schematics into the earth, that are originally sourced from the Ancient Builder Races, also known as the Founder Guardian races. Essentially, this means the reality programs on earth are programmed by AI to operate in reversal to the stolen creation code that belongs to the Universal Founders. These anti-life reversals were programmed into advanced technology AI that were used to build the many Inverted Systems, from which these black hole entities could easily siphon and steal the consciousness energy of earth and humanity.


Reversals and Inversion Produce Loosh


Reversal networks are designed to invert systems of energy within any structure for the purpose of redistribution, in order to siphon energy. As a result of the worldwide system inversion, these reversals impact everything that we see, every structure that we interact with on the material plane. Much of what we can observe in the physical world can appear as the opposite of what it really is. Energy does not lie, so we must go back to the core purpose or intention and its energetic signature. We refer to people, things and structures that appear to be the opposite of what they really are, as Imposters.


Reversal networks are collecting life force from the collective fields of all earth inhabitants and producing more subtle black forces and miasma. The much sought after spiritual energy contained in these fields is called energetic loosh by the cabals. In this context, loosh is referred to as the emotional energy radiated by animals and humans when feeling threatened, harmed or being killed, that results in the traumatizing pain and suffering that is experienced and recorded in the body, mind and soul. For centuries the NAA have developed and exploited multidimensional occult practices through reversal creation code. This has been given to secret societies and institutions for the purpose of mind control and social engineering, in order to harvest negative emotional energy or loosh from the masses.


With the current acceleration of the electronic era, which promotes transhumanism and an array of artificial intelligence technologies both overtly and covertly, the exploitation to extract negative emotional energy from humanity is at an all-time high. Our planet is being deluged with negative mind control programming and AI broadcasts that target the negative ego filters that have infiltrated every fiber of society. This is in order to elicit extremely negative emotions and painful trauma from the constant bombardment of harmful images, behaviors and actions. These programs encourage cruelty, brutality, and violence, which are being massively super-imposed upon humanity and the earthly kingdoms at this time. Extremely charged negative emotional energy, such as that achieved during Satanic Ritual Abuse, contains hormonal adrenalin cascades that course throughout the cellular energy within the human body, blood and brain. Under such intense extremes of painful suffering, the blood and flesh becomes charged with heightened molecular content, which is highly prized by negative aliens and satanic forces. This is why they delight in the torture, suicide and killing of human beings, especially the innocent souls unable to protect themselves, like children.


When we can understand how emotional energy or loosh is being harvested from people and living things enduring extreme pain, we can easily connect the dots. Now it makes sense as to the reasons why this extreme pain, fear and death are mass marketed and profited from in order to continue to increase the suffering in the world. When we have this higher knowledge, we can make a choice to do whatever we can to stop feeding into these reversals that cause fragmentation and spiritual disconnection.


Fragmentation causes Negative Entity Attachments


Additionally, when a living thing is tormented into feeling extreme pain or suffering, the mind and soul can fracture into pieces, keeping those pieces trapped in phantom pockets that are controlled by that negative entity. This can happen at multiple dimensions of existence and stations of identity that are connected with the consciousness of that spiritual-energetic being. The more fragmented the being, the more disconnected and less evolved the consciousness becomes, until it sinks into the most primitive layers of existence. Fragmentation may continue after the consciousness has transitioned from the body. This is the primary goal of the NAA that attempt to enslave human consciousness, by eliciting pain or terror when exiting the physical body. In Satanic Ritual Abuse the rape, torture or killing of an animal or human is for the purpose of collecting the loosh produced during the blood sacrifice event, and to bind the energy with attachments, which can be fed upon by the black hole entities. They form attachments from the negative energy they consumed, to the fragments that make up the consciousness of that person. Many of these negative entities consume negative emotional energy to enable their presence in the multidimensional layers of the earth field. Because of their vibrational incompatibility with human frequency levels, they must rely on consuming loosh for their existence.


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The important lesson to comprehend is that expressions of negative ego and hatred, the intent to harm and the violent killing of other living things, fragments consciousness and feeds the reversals to build up negative emotional energy or loosh. We do not want to co-create negative emotional energy to be fed upon by these negative entities or to directly feed the inverted systems that produce loosh energy for the NAA. The most productive thing we can do is to take steps to clear negative ego and our pain body, so that we will not be triggered by the mind control programs or AI broadcasts. When we do this, we are instead capable of holding neutral and calm within the chaos.


We can practice unconditional love, peace and harmlessness. This helps to integrate and heal our fragments to unify, as well as neutralize any negative emotional energy in the environment. When we stop feeding the energy reversals, they are gradually taken offline. The feedline of the parasitized energy throughout the food chain stops, essentially starving them by denying them access to the power source. When we can hold compassionate witnessing and refuse to be triggered into negative emotional states, we are refusing to be manipulated and siphoned by the NAA. Additionally, truly empathic and unconditionally loving humans may also gain the spiritual power to recollect and transit the consciousness fragments of sacrificed children and traumatized people that are trapped in the earth realms, and this is an important service we can do to help heal the earth.


Façade of Inverted Systems


To become better equipped to discern where we are placing our energies, it is important to attempt to identify and discern the differences that exist between the façade of promoted appearances, versus the hidden motivation or intention that exists behind the façade. When a structure or person represents themselves as something they are not, we call that an Imposter. When referring to the system of energy that the Imposter structure is running in disguise or behind a facade, this is an inverted system or reversal of the overall system of energy. This means that the energy being collected in a system is based upon the appearance of the Imposter façade, while the true motivation is actually the opposite of what has been energetically represented. This is what usurps consciousness energy through misaligned personal intention from those unaware of what they are actually engaging with.


Knowing how to discern inverted systems increases our ability to make accurate assessments, which better inform our decisions. This is a skill set of paying attention to details and subtle energies in the environment, structures and in people, in order to translate that information into an awareness of their unspoken primary motivations. When we have knowledge of the motivation behind things, we can assess if their intentions are truthful or deceptive, as well as consider their competency levels to manage a system, so that it does not become inverted. This is defined as a person that is inner directed and ethical, not prone to reactive impulses and jumping for money. Then after accurate assessments, we can adjust accordingly to refine our decisions and personal intentions in those particular circumstances.


Improved discernment comes from recognizing that the human culture has been infiltrated with a general NAA storefront that uses inverted systems to represent their interests to the public. If a thug intends to harm or steal from you, they surely will not announce this to your face. To get away with criminal behavior, it has to be dressed up as something pleasing to the eye or seductive to catalyze feelings of attraction, to play on their targets needs and desires. Therefore, the NAA and Power Elite employ genius marketing strategies in order to satisfy their objectives of deceiving the public, through a parade of skillful distractions.


And so to hide their true motivations, marketing propagandas are produced to represent certain narratives that are given to the public, while in private, the hidden or harmful motivations are the complete opposite. Secrecy and hiding in layers of compartmentalization produces corruption and deception. This defines the sophisticated levels of deception and manipulation designed to invert the truth, in order to distort the media images used to portray someone or something. What is represented to the public is heavily marketed and advertised, and our goal should be to see the outward sales tactic and look deeper towards the motivations behind it. What are they selling to us and for what reasons? The death culture promotes duplicity and manipulation while rewarding psychopaths in the workplace. To remain coherent and clear, we have to see this duplicity and take firm steps to correct this behavior in ourselves.


When there are motivations that are being made toward you that are deceitful, hidden or harmful, you have every right to deflect them through accessing higher knowledge of them. Therefore, observe the facade of storefronts in inverted systems and the duplicity within other people without judging them. Use careful discernment so that you are able to sense the hidden motivations that are revealed in their actions. Most people operate from the cluttered unconscious mind and have hidden motivations and perceptions that they do not share with others directly or overtly. People have been conditioned to be duplicitous in manipulation, in order to get the upper hand over other people. This is the common tactic used to gain power or control over others. How many times have you observed manipulation in sales tactics? Using highly unethical behavior that is rewarded and is designed to grossly take advantage of other people?


But if we pay attention to people’s actions and see if their words match, we will be greatly informed of their belief systems, which are revealed outwardly in their activities every day. To have a greater comprehension of the world of inverted systems that we live in, we can recognize an effective line of inquiry towards revealing the hidden truth in the matter. The demonstrated longer-term actions of a person, corporation, or structure, will inform us of the belief systems in place, which define the energy within the structure. Knowing the beliefs powering up that person or entities drives will lead to knowing the hidden perceptions they have about the environment. Their perception of others will link into their deepest hidden motivations, and this line of inquiry will give you clarity on what quality or kind of person or thing you may be dealing with.


In everything and everyone motivation is usually hidden and influences perception. Perception influences belief systems, while their beliefs will influence their actions in the external. Pay attention to a person’s actions, pay attention to a corporation or government body’s overall actions, and follow the trail to the hidden motivation. It is there that their real intentions can be observed. Generally on this planet we can follow the money and see where it leads, from the destruction it wields. The imposter cannot hide themselves 100 percent of the time, they always reveal themselves over time.


Controller System of Inversion


In everyday life, Inverted Systems allow for the production of artificial storefronts or business facades that more effectively hide the real intentions of that industry from the public, which allows for easy dark infiltration to feed corruption, reversals and blackmail. The imposters hire psychopaths and marketing propaganda teams to represent them, while operating from within the deep compartmental layers built upon the same inverted system of energy. Thus, they generally remain hidden from view and scrutiny, unseen and unknown by the rest of the workforce, or the greater public. It is important to be able to identify the profiles of psychopathic and criminal behavior, because psychopaths are specifically being groomed in humanity in order to act as the managerial gatekeeper in the industries that enforce the inverted systems and enforce the reversals to stay in place. Thus, the workplace psychopaths are doing their job of serving the anti-human structures that increase the overall suffering in the world.


To gain a larger perspective of the working model of the Global Control System of Energy Inversion, we must first understand the concept of closed loop entropic systems, repetitive mind control systems that turn inward or invert the overall system of energy to be directly funneled to a singular hidden or veiled source. The Controller Pillars of Society are pyramidal organizations that make up our civilization’s main structural systems, which are intentionally corrupted at the top in order to continue to feed the system of energy inversion, which is intrinsically required to maintain the NAA’s human enslavement methods.


An example to better comprehend inverted systems are the Controller Pillars of Society that are manipulated by the NAA through sophisticated marketing propaganda to make them appear to be in service to humanity, when they actually have opposite goals. There are five pillars of the main structures that use anti-human control, which influence all planetary affairs as a part of the Archontic Deception Strategy. This is carried out in sophisticated psychological warfare to promote anti-human belief systems and to get humans to enforce their own enslavement and spiritual sickness.


Power Elites or Controller

Military Industrial

Intelligence Agencies, Covert Groups and Government


Controlled Media and Press

By protecting corporate elites interests through the legal loopholes that reward incompetence, fraud, bribery and corruption, this reinforces the creation of workplace psychopaths and an unethical culture where accountability is abandoned and the consequences of criminal and negligent actions are burdens cast down to those on the lowest tiers to carry. Thus, those at the bottom of the pyramid always suffer the consequences of decisions made at the top the most.


The Controller System of Inversion is based upon:


money and profit is God, while leveraging others misery and misfortune for their benefit

hiding true motivations behind facades of disguise, corporate culture propaganda

militarized design of pay grade compartmentalization, blind spots unable to see the whole

no accountability to the consequences of decisions, forcing impossible profit margins or quotas

plunder and pillage of human and earthly resources, with no empathy

producing workplace psychopaths and rewarding them via promotions and extravagance

punishing people smarter than you to dumb down, forcing them to play the VV slave game

intimidation and fear on job security, or unethical behaviors that guarantee a paycheck

following orders without questioning, “I do my job” whether it’s ethical, humane or not

Bloated waste and mismanagement of resources, gross inequality of pay

Rewarding negative behaviors, bullying as desirable traits to get ahead

Seeing people as objects to make money from, rather than human beings

To invert a system is to turn it inside out or upside down, to reverse its original position by separating its functioning into smaller divided parts that are manipulated so their product or earnings will not be distributed in proportion to enhance the whole. It means that even though the whole system of energy is the cause of the entire production or yield of resources that supply the available energy, none of those resources of energy are returned in fair value exchange to the actual individual producers of that energy resource. Instead the entire production of the system of energy is purposely inverted, and this funnels the results of productivity and growth to serve a small and limited tier of elite people that exist at the top of the chain of that system or pyramidal corporation. This is how all time, energy and resources that would translate into producing wealth for the majority of the working class people on this earth, are actually stolen from them legally. Therefore, their entire life effort is reduced to survival, which further translates into slave labor and oppression. Thus, the state of wellbeing and the quality of life for the majority of people on earth is deplorable, while the power elite hoard unimaginable wealth that they could never even spend.


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This is carried out in the design of siphoning energy, which is consumptive modeling. Consumptive modeling is the taking, stealing, superimposing or using of another’s energetic resources or life force for one’s personal use or personal gain, which is enforced by the False King of Tyranny archetypes or False Gods. Usually this process is the taking or stealing of other people’s energetic resources, which are hidden within complex deceptions, lies and manipulation carried out through a sophisticated militarized design that is layered with compartmentalization and mind control. Inverted systems are the core structural program of the NAA to enslave planet earth and humanity, through the stealing of energy and self-ownership made through the workplace psychopath corporatocracy model, which is based on the same closed loop system of energy inversion. Let’s look deeper at the impact the current corporate culture has made in promoting consumptive modeling and inverted systems throughout our society, while shaping and rewarding psychopathic behaviors in humanity.


If Corporations Are People, They Are Psychopaths


Corporate personhood is the legal concept that a corporation, separate from its associated human employees, has some of the legal rights and responsibilities given to physical humans. U.S. courts have extended certain constitutional protections to corporations. Since the Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are people, real people should recognize the deadly impact of granting the equivalent of sociopathic behemoths to take control over the world governments. This is a good example of using the legal system to produce international corporate conglomerates that act as the façade that hides the controller system of energy inversion.


Since the general corporate culture promotes and rewards psychopathy, it attracts workplace psychopaths who tend to be corporate climbers for more status, money and power. Psychopaths are usually most common in the higher levels of corporate organizations and their actions often cause a ripple effect throughout an organization, setting the tone for an entire corporate culture. Workplace psychopaths maintain multiple personas throughout the office, presenting each colleague or competitor with a different version of themselves. This also defines splitting behaviors or dissociative identities.


Corporations have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders to make profits, to put their economic and profit interests above any humanitarian, ethical or moral consideration. It is common sense that a democracy or civilization that is intended to serve the people cannot be built upon the premise that money takes precedent over the governance of all human affairs.


In the movie “The Corporation” they use the personality diagnostic checklist DSM-IV to test corporations for pathological symptoms:


Callous disregard for the feelings of others. Check.

Incapacity to maintain enduring relationships. Check.

Reckless disregard for the safety of others. Check.

Deceitfulness, the repeated lying and conniving of others for profit. Check.

Incapacity to experience guilt or remorse. Check.

Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors. Check.

If corporations are people, then they are serial killing psychopaths who should never be granted the right to gain power, or govern and control the people. The massive conglomerate of multinational corporations are set up to behave as predators plundering the people through the closed loop systems of energy inversion, which hide the real predator objectives of global human enslavement by the NAA.


Workplace Psychopaths


Many of these people are conditioned in the workplace by being rewarded for psychopathic behavior, which instills extremely negative behaviors that spill over into their personal life and relationships. Characteristics of workplace psychopaths are patterns that reveal themselves in many 3D people in the environment that have been subjected to repetitive conditioning in businesses, organizations, communities, or other group systems of energy. Being able to quickly identify psychopathic behaviors is helpful in assessing and recognizing deeply traumatized people that should not have access or control over any aspect of management, especially in an ethical and empathic humanitarian based organization.


To stop psychopathic infiltration we have to recognize the behaviors and refuse to promote, glorify or propagate them in our communities, organizations and businesses.


Public humiliation of others, high propensity for having temper tantrums or ridiculing work performance

Malicious spreading of lies, intentionally deceitful

Remorseless or devoid of guilt

Frequently lies to push his/her point

Rapidly shifts between emotions used to manipulate people or cause high anxiety

Intentionally isolates persons from organizational resources

Quick to blame others for mistakes or for incomplete work even though he/she is guilty

Encourages co-workers to torment, alienate, harass and/or humiliate other peers

Takes credit for other people’s accomplishments

Steals and/or sabotages other persons’ works

Refuses to take responsibility for misjudgments and/or errors

Threatens any perceived enemy with job loss and/or discipline in order to taint employee file

Sets unrealistic and unachievable job expectations to set employees up for failure

Refuses or is reluctant to attend meetings with more than one person

Refuses to provide adequate training and/or instructions to singled out victim

Invades personal privacy of others

Has multiple sexual encounters with junior and/or senior employees

Develops new ideas without real follow through

Very self-centered and extremely egotistical (often conversation revolves around them, a great deal of self-importance)

Often “borrows” money and/or other material objects without any intentions of giving it back

Will do whatever it takes to close the deal with no regards for ethics or legality.

It is important to be able to identify abusers, liars, predators and psychopaths as people traumatized by terrible pain, soul fragmentation and spiritual disconnection. These character profiles generally have a severe lack of empathy.


Why would we trust resources or give value to the words spoken by anyone or anything who is a repeated abuser, liar or predator? We have to understand they are very sick, in pain and deeply disturbed. They are not fit to be leaders, near children, managing human affairs or making decisions that impact the world. We must lovingly demand higher standards of ethical and humanitarian behavior for ourselves in all of our projects and for our communities. We start by being the example of these higher ethical and humanitarian behaviors in our day to day life. We begin to build new creations and structures that are based on these higher ethical qualities of consciousness energy and intention.


Attack on Accessing Knowledge and Open Source Systems


At this time during the intensified conflict for control over human consciousness, there are massive psychological operations being carried out to wrangle and censor certain subjects of information, key words or unapproved topics that are blocked from access by the masses. The Controller agenda is to gain complete control over any kind of structure, organization or media that allows the public to access knowledge and truthful events freely, or information that exists independently outside of the mainstream narrative. The strength of inverted systems are dependent on human ignorance and by shutting down access to knowledge and open source systems, thereby keeping the masses dumbed down and redirecting their consciousness energy to fear based distractions and mindless entertainment.


The larger conglomerates in the corporatocracy model that produce and reward workplace psychopaths are used to infiltrate any open source or free energy system that is perceived as a threat, so that it is replaced with the system inversion model. Generally the infiltration occurs through a hefty paycheck, which is the bribery used to convert that organization into another inverted system of energy that is based on the Controller objectives. As we comprehend how inverted systems are used to continue to harvest loosh and enslave the consciousness of humanity, it becomes clear that open source, free energy exchange, and independent systems that encourage open minds and hearts are a threat to the continued existence of reversal networks that harbor criminal negligence.


Usurping of Personal Intent


Now that we better understand how reversals and inverted systems are being used to usurp consciousness energy to generate loosh that feeds into the NAA psychopathic systems, how does feeding into these reversals impact the power of our personal intentions? Inverted systems feed upon human co-creative consciousness by purposely tricking people out of their personal intent and consent. Being psychopathic systems, they deceive and lie to trick people to believe their intentions are humanitarian or positive, therefore manipulating good hearted people to align their intentions with organizations, leaders or celebrity’s that actually serve to produce more loosh.


A good example is the larger charitable organizations that are run by the boards of the power elite families. Many charitable organizations are storefronts for hiding criminal behavior in other countries, such as human trafficking, sex slavery, bribery and money laundering. The propaganda marketing team shows media images of refugee children in need, while the good hearted people send in their cash donation. In their minds the money is going to that child in need. Yet, that is not where the funds are being delivered. What happens to the time, energy and love that good hearted human intended to send to help the starving child? It’s been co-opted to support criminal enterprises. This is an example of an organization using a model for inverted energy systems that is designed to usurp personal intent. The energetic result of this exchange is the good-hearted intention of that human being is hijacked to continually feed the NAA structures, without realizing that is what is happening. When feeding into criminal networks, there is an impact to all of humanity because we become complicit with the dark forces that are committing those criminal acts. This is how humanities co-creative consciousness is being hijacked. They are told positive narratives on the surface for appearances, while the ugly truth behind the façade is that organization is harboring the hidden activity for a den of psychopathic criminals.


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If we are unable to discern the manipulation in the quality of energy that is the real intention behind the Controller structures, or we continually ignore blatant negativity and harm perpetrated by leaders, we can be manipulated to feed into these inverted systems through our own misdirected consciousness energy and misplaced intentions.


Let us drill this down further to better understand how inverted systems or reversal systems can hijack the quality of our intentions, when they go unrecognized and unidentified around us. Becoming aware of how inverted systems work in order to hijack human consciousness energy, greatly improves our accurate assessment of this reality, and also greatly increases the frequency of truth that exists in our intention.


Quality of Intention


When we direct our consciousness energy onto a singular focus or goal, this event produces a powerful and significant force known as intention. When we place attention on cultivating our connection with higher consciousness in order to develop deeper clarity of our truthful intentions, this act towards self-realization conducts the transformation of our energies into the manifestation of whatever we have intended. Concentrating our attention with a specific purpose or intention directs consciousness energy towards its manifestation, which causes this area of concentrated attention to continue to grow and expand in our lives. Simply put, where we place our attention is what directs our consciousness energy, while where we place our intention is what transforms that energy. This is the power of human co-creative consciousness and every human being has this ability. Gaining this self-knowledge is the starting point of developing the proper perspective, which allows us to make progress towards evolving and transforming ourselves into our higher expression potentials. This is the foundation required for making powerful changes in our lives that serve to stabilize long-term personal development and spiritual growth.


Let’s explore the different potentials that are possible in our manifestations by first studying the links that connect the frequency of consciousness energy we access, combined with the quality of our intention.


Consciousness energy and intention are not the same function in manifestation but are interconnected and entwined with the fundamental mechanics of creation.


First all consciousness is energy, and all energy is conscious, thus they are both interchangeable. Yet the quality of consciousness energy is not all the same or undifferentiated, it can be considered very similarly as the raw material that is chosen to create something into matter form. So remembering that all consciousness energy is intelligent, but has different qualities of intelligence that will need to be checked for resonance. Do we choose to co-create our consciousness with egoic intentions or higher self intentions? The higher the quality of the raw material and the higher the frequency of intention that one has to co-create with, results in a much higher quality of manifestation. We are unable to manifest higher frequency structures until we can direct our attention upon higher consciousness energy and intentions, while holding the singular focus that increases energy to vitalize and grow those same structures. This requires the Spirit of Diligence so that we never give up our singular focus to serve the longer-term goal. The singular focus is described as the personal spiritual mission of each person and the higher purpose they are to fulfill while on the earth, at this time during the Ascension Cycle.


Yet we must temper this knowledge of the functions of consciousness energy with the current conditions of inverted energy systems that we are exposed to on earth, that are propagated by the psychopathic systems that carry out the enslavement agenda of the NAA. This necessitates that we develop a stronger mental and emotional body that is capable of holding a singular focus, observer point, and control over our impulses, or the power of our intention will be inverted into these reversal systems created by these negative forces. We must discern the quality of forces and recognize inverted or reversal systems, so that we can gain clarity over the consciousness energy that we direct with our intention.


Raw Material of Consciousness Energy


Consciousness energy exists in multiple scales with unique qualities and intelligence factors, electromagnetic tonal sounds and colors that impact how that consciousness energy will form into matter. The consciousness energy is comprised of distinct vibratory patterns that determines the frequency rate and how that frequency is translated into blueprints of manifestation. The quality of consciousness energy accessed is also informed by the frequency generated by the real intentions of the creator, and this also determines the higher quality or lower quality result of the energy manifestation. Everything in our universe consists of these multiple layers of vibrational frequency, which constitute the multiple scales of consciousness energy in existence, and can be compared to as the available raw materials of the creator. It happens to be that the available raw materials are shifting in their scale during the bifurcation, and this allows for improvements in the quality of manifesting in the future.


Thus, this raw material of consciousness energy is available on many scales of dimensional frequency that exist throughout time, and in the higher scales the consciousness energy goes beyond the scale of dimensionalization and into no time. As we move up the consciousness scale, we access higher and more refined levels of consciousness energy, or the higher intelligence stations of our more refined vibrating aspects. As we move up the scale of consciousness energy, our intelligence is heightened while our awareness enlightens, and as a result this greatly transforms the power and quality of our intention made into manifestation. So when we think of our Soul, our Monad Oversoul and Avatar Christ body, these are the higher aspects of our consciousness-energetic identity.


This is where the understanding of the cosmology of dimensions is helpful in determining the quality of consciousness energy that is being used in creation or being directed at us. We can more easily observe when the NAA is sucking energy from the lower levels of consciousness energy, such as manipulating sexual energies from out of the pain body. Or sudden impulses that make us feel pain and emotionally trigger us into acting out some unhealthy or destructive action against ourselves or others. These are the common results of manipulating lower levels of consciousness energy, through mind control broadcasts. When we observe the current terrain of the global scape and collective consciousness stream, where do you feel these manifestations are sourcing from? Where are they being created? Do you intend to co-create with that same quality of energy? What happens when you do?


To increase the frequency and quality of consciousness energy and intention that are made into manifestation, the single most important thing we must do is remove the ego personality and outer forces from exerting their control over our personal consciousness energy or intention. Consciousness energy is generated wherever we place our focus and attention, and the quality of frequency will be gathered in the system of energy, with which our intention vibrates. If we match the vibration of the collective consciousness in the organizations that we can observe in 3D currently, we are co-creating more of the same lower quality negative ego consciousness.


Thus, it is imperative we are able to discern the differences in qualities of energy, qualities of intention, and to consider placing energetic assessments on the organizations or things that we are involved with. Don’t give your time, energy, money and trust to just anyone, especially those people that demonstrate unethical behavior, irresponsibility and selfish motivations. This better equips us to be able to recognize how we can responsibly co-create with the qualities inherent in the higher consciousness forces. We cannot manifest higher consciousness creations until we can discern the accurate conditions of the NAA mind control culture, in which we find ourselves on earth. We must recognize these inverted systems operating around us, as the beginning step.


RA Guardians


In conclusion, this is an extremely volatile year which defines the many conflicts raging in the interdimensional planes over controlling timelines, recovering stolen creation code, and mass psychological operations being carried out against the public to maintain inverted systems programmed in artificial intelligence. The Krystal Star Guardians have returned during this cycle to reclaim their creation code that was hijacked in the phantom and assimilated into the NAA artificial intelligence systems. Effectively, the Family of RA has become more visible this year while organizing this project to help recover the Law of One records that were assimilated into the AI systems, which the black hole entities use to holographically project the upside down world of inverted systems that we have come to know on the 3D earth. The Blue Avians are extensions of the Family of RA, and have been in contact with many of their human lineages on the earth since Egyptian times to help catalyze this revelation of truth. Hence, they also have allowed themselves to become more visible to the alternative and truth seeking movement recently. The inversion of the Law of One creation code was given by the NAA groups to power up these reversal networks and inverted systems. This is the foundation our current civilization is based upon, and it is what the secret societies and usurped mystery schools are based upon. Further, these inverted systems were built upon the reversals to hide the mass harvesting of human loosh for the negative entities.


With the acceleration of conflict there is an all out push this year to usurp more consent, to bind more souls, and to maintain the inverted system feed lines that allow energy to be siphoned. As the NAA is losing some ground their factions and minions are infighting and becoming more desperate. The false facades hiding inverted systems are beginning to crack, revealing the truth of what is behind them. Simultaneously, awakening humans aligned to Cosmic Sovereign Law are increasingly able to create blueprints and structures, aligning with the Krystal Spiral flows of Unity Intelligence.


These can be difficult and challenging times, but as the truth surfaces and we are willing to really see who is who, and how we really got here, the truth can set us free.


Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!


Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!


With a Loving heart, Lisa


(Source: Research Cited: The Documentary Movie, ” The Corporation” http://thecorporation.com/film/about-film, The film is based on the book The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power by Joel Bakan. Workplace Psychopaths, Wikipedia)


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May 19, 2017940 0

 photo blue spirit_zpsybzgagvv.jpg


Amanda Lorence – Everything fundamentality being vibration, is an energetic signal carrying a frequency of Hz. All vibrations carry their own frequency. As human beings, we speak via vibration using what we term ‘language’, and each word (combined with the human beings current vibration) creates a newly combined energetic frequency signal. That signal is emitted from the human being speaking that word. Birds communicate to each other whilst also emitting energetic vibration through their vocabulary where each tweet has unique energetic vibration (Hz). Vibration is energy within a wide variable frequency range measured in Hz. Bees vibrate. Bats vibrate. The sound of a beating drum emits vibration. Leaves on trees vary in their vibration based on atmospheric and inner conditions. Solid heavy rocks all vibrate. Weather carries vibrations. The four elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire all vibrate. There is nothing, that does not vibrate because the universe is made of Sound waves and rhythms and mathematical numbers. Seen and unseen by the naked physical human, rhythm it is the music of life, our Universe and beyond. Each note containing it’s own frequency of energy (Hz).


The human being speaks, and that produces a vibration of energy. The human feels emotion via it’s thoughts. And those thoughts carry vibrational energy of a specific frequency. Thought FREQUENCY as energy is emitted inside the body and OUT of it. The act of ‘doing’ carries energetic frequency. It is how and WHY we do something that denotes the frequency of Hz emitted from the ‘human’. As an example: if a person made two cups of tea: one made in a frantic, stressful, hurried manner, and the other made in a relaxed, peaceful, happy manner. Both acts emit entirely different energetic waves of energy from the same human being. The former a lower Hz to the latter Higher Hz emission. That energetic emission enters their physical body as well as being emitted outside of the physical vessel.


All vibrations produced by sentient forms are initially emitted out from the centre point of their BEing. The centre point being the God Spark. These energetic creations, created via speech, thought, feelings, emotions and deeds emit out from the centre God Spark into a metaphysical field that is present around each life form. The field in and immediately surrounding any life form (in 3rd density) is an individual Flower of Life field. It is both a receiver and transporter of the life form’s energetic signals.


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The immediate, metaphysical field of the Flower of Life is a 3D shape. The circles are 3D spheres that link to more spheres that in turn link out to further spheres. The spheres rotate, each conjoining to another sphere through energetic values at energetic points, thus forming the immediate shape of the Flower of Life: an individual 3D Multi-rotating Flower of Life field around each life form. Thus far in an evolving conscious of a human being, it is currently of a white light. Yet the colour of this field will change upon enlightenment to the colour of gold.


The immediate spherical field of the Flower of Life around a life form carries magnetism. In the Law of One, like attracts like. Energy (Hz) emitted from a life form into their immediate rotating Flower of Life filed ATTRACTS LIKE energy into the same field via magnetics. Energy of certain frequency attracts like energy of same frequency. Like therefore attracts like. It ALWAYS has. The Third Dimensional ‘blueprint’ perceives that opposite’s attract. That has intentionally been the idea of 3rd dimensional physics within the ‘construct’ they explored within (as we raise human frequency quantum physics supersedes traditionally accepted physics). At Higher dimensional experience, the KNOWING that ‘like attracts like’ is plainly accepted. Within the third dimension, like has ALWAYS attracted like, it is just that this idea has never been openly accepted until more recently.


So the emitted magnetic frequency of each life form attracts like energy to it. Based on a thought forms, words and deeds as an accumulative energetic frequency, a like frequency is attracted to their own Flower of Life field. Outside of their individualised FOL field, is an INFINITE field…that which holds ALL potential AS ENERGY. From this infinite field of ALL metaphysical existence, like energy enters the individual’s FOL field via MAGNETISM. The energy held in energetic form, initially BECOMES a liquified state followed by a solid state. At the point we perceive the solid via sight, touch, smell, hear, taste, the physical brain is able to perceive and understand it to be matter. It, now as a solid arrives into our CURRENT state of AWARENESS. In other words, energy is converted into solid form for this conscious experience within a heavier frequency bandwidth of the Third dimension; A Sacred geometric alchemy of numbers and rhythm into solid form.



Through this knowledge it can be thought that every life of a human being can attract to itself all that it desires. And this is true to a certain point. An unawakened human being is susceptible to unbalanced energy: being emotions, thoughts, words and actions. The unawakened is imbalanced in energy but WILL and CAN produce their desires on a LINEAR scale (of frequency). This lack of energetic balance keeps the human being on a linear CYCLE. Until they decide to question life in it’s perceived entirety. The unawakened are able to manifest within the frequency range (field) of the THIRD and LOWER FOURTH dimensions. It is only through the intent to AWAKEN, and the path that intention takes/opens up; further through the opening and restructure of the mind and the fully open state of their heart that repeated BALANCE of thought, feeling, expression, word and deed within the human being occurs. It is the raising of the human beings energetic frequency as a CONTINUOUS momentum that raises the OVERALL energetic frequency of the human being. And thus allows for a rise in vertical frequency (Ascension). The vertical Ascension IS the increase of energetic frequency (Hz) for the life form. This higher frequency allows that life form to experience a higher state/s of conscious awareness and higher frequency phenomena not considered ‘normal’ to an unawakened human. The vertical energetic route I have previously written about is the ‘Labyrinth’.


There are some humans on the planet who see the white spheres of THEIR Flower of Life rotating in front of them, eyes open or closed. A sight seen whilst physically awake (not in sleep state), and seen whilst encountering a calm and balanced state of mind. Those that see these spheres must realise they are seeing them in order to interact with them to evolve further. Whether seen or unseen, this immediate field surrounding your life form is available to interact with…through clear, Love based intention to do so (like attracts like), in relaxed state be it momentary or lengthy.


Every phenomena that the awakening person experiences is initially a ‘teaser’ to ignite enquiry. A taster of what you are capable of and what you are here to Birth. It’s shown to you in advance, a small piece of what is gifted to you if you choose to utilise it. There comes that point in your individual Ascension when that same phenomena becomes highlighted to you in a more defined manner. And if you choose to explore it, at that point in your own energetic Ascension, that subject matter opens up more EASILY. Because it’s what you came here to accomplish. But one has to interact with it, want it, choose it, live it, which makes one’s intentions clear in energy terms. This gift presented to explore, being only the very start of a very magical journey where you live in a solid form, able to tap into liquidity, and able to raise your consciousness into energetic form. This is the magic of being human. At higher levels of dimensional existence, energetic frequency is higher and therefore not a solid. Higher dimensional energies do not experience solidity.


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We have come to Earth, being given the opportunity to be a solid state of existence. We came from energy state, transcended into liquid, and transcended further into solid form, knowing we would lose our higher energetic frequency in order to experience solidity. Through the veil, into the third dimensional blueprint, living in a Matrix system we had little ability to remember. Temporarily most did not know there was more. Infinitely more. And the magic of NOW, is that the solid form of the human being is now becoming initially capable of merging and transforming solid into liquified states. Further, dissolving liquified states into pure energetic states…including the reverse process. We are capable NOW of switching our consciousness STATE with ease; choosing between: an awakened conscious mind state with a human personality, or residing in the consciousness state of our Higher Self (that of unlimited wisdom and infinite love), or in residing in the consciousness of All Awareness. All Awareness…yet in the solid form of a human being conscious of itself. This is remarkable and why all ‘eyes’ are upon the magical human race. We are remembering and engaging in our true essence.

Remember your Mastery with Ra Channeled via Rosalie Muir

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Remember your Mastery with Ra

Channeled via Rosalie Muir

 photo Ra sun god_zpskpubxkys.jpg


I am Ra and I come today to say “Well Done” to so many who are dedicated to their path, Gaia .the path you chose to be here at this time......the efforts & intent have been stronger than felt by human beings since our Atlantean times ...for this I commend you.

Isis the Goddess energy is stronger now also than before since the same times and she is gathering all who resonate strongly with her for the nurturing which is and will be needed during the labour tiGaia.

space .You will notice more and more as Isis ‘s energy walks amongst as she has merged also with you as one, as I Ra have done so since you were a young child, as Sirius merges with the sun and the light streams forth to all in your space.it will be felt.

Gone are the seeds of yesterday that would not develop & grow,y ou are the new seedlings of the new earth.

Share your light to all around you and know it is being merged with the light we are shining down upon all who are seeking.

There is no need to hang on to the side of the bank in fear of drowning, have faith & flow with the river of life, releasing and experiencing more than ever before.

Remember you are the master of your reality & reality is flexible.........you don’t have to hang on....you don’t have to be right .....Can you not be both and allow others to do their thing, their lessons learning to be who they are.

Our voices are coming through to you so much easier since the veil is as thin & gone totally to some, as the energies open the connection more and the realisation that we are one and not a separate entity.

Let the feelings of being responsible for journeys of ones close to you as in family, they too must find their way and now you have found your way it will leave you with very little time for the human game playing that can be within your families.

Do you realise yet that you are The I Am. that you are standing within your Mastery, you have done your homework, you have done the inner work, Now step into your full Mastery.

Be courageous, you were courageous enough to come into incarnation on this planet Earth, were you not?

Remember, every step you take, every action you take, every thought you have, every word you speak, sets off a chain reaction, resulting in manifestation.

Once again, redouble your efforts and discipline your thoughts.

Know that you are in charge....................

Make your thoughts of blessings, of unconditional love, free from judgment.

Most are learning that the need to criticise & judge others is unnecessary as it taking oneself out of their heart space.

You were created in the image of Mother/Father God meaning you have the same attributes as the God/Goddess of your Being.

Why don’t you try it and put your absolute trust in this and we will assist you in every way that we can.

The thought comes before Creation.

Creation is thought in action.

Play with it.

Remember your Mastery.

You are greatly blessed to be here at this point in time on this Planet Earth.

You are going in for the ride, look at it with great anticipation and joy.

This is what you came here for,f or this you were born.

Hold the light steadfast......

Do not look or listen to all the fear stories.

Hold the Light and shine it so bright to all the corners that are dark.

There is a party going on, above and below the Planet Earth, would you like to come?

Let us keep this Light-Hearted.

Keep your trust in yourself, the God/Self, the God/Goddess of your Being.

Love is the Key to All Locks,


I Am Ra, your Teacher at your service always

Thank you, Ra with Love Namaste

Received today May 21st, 2017 Please share & do not change anything & give credit to

Mirror Mirror Ann Albers a message from Ann Albers

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Mirror Mirror


Ann Albers

a message from Ann Albers

Saturday, 6 May, 2017 (posted 19 May, 2017)

MARY MAGDELINE photo Mary_Magdalene_and_Egg.jpg

My dear friends, we love you so very much,


Life on earth is a mirror in which you look to see both your truth and your illusions. When you see beauty, goodness, grace, and inspiration you see the truth. When you see violence, unkindness, untruths, etc. you see the illusions. If something is in front of you in the "outside world" and it creates an emotional charge, it is beckoning you to look within.


For example, say you see a beautiful sunrise and you feel yourself in awe. In truth, you are in awe of the light within yourself. You are seeing the reflection of the beauty and light of the Divine! Suppose you see a beautiful flower. You admire its delicate strength. In that instant, you are also connecting with your own delicate strength and admiring it within yourself.


Conversely, suppose someone is unkind to you. That does not mean you are mean-spirited or unkind, but perhaps you would feel unkind walking away from them. Perhaps you energetically take in their unkindness because you feel it would be unkind to reject or abandon them... even with their unkind behaviors. You are being unkind to yourself by believing you must take this energy in, and they are your mirror.


Life is working on your behalf. Everything that presents itself to you is a vibrational mirror for an energy deep within that is seeking to grow into greater light. As you watch the sunrise or behold the flower, you take a moment also to acknowledge the beauty and strength within. You bring that light to the surface.


As you see the unkind individual in front of you, instead of getting upset with them, realize you are getting upset with yourself for being unkind to yourself... by taking in their energy. If you were 100% comfortable shutting out that energy or walking away, you would not be upset at all. They would appear to you as they truly are – a scared or angry child. You would feel only compassion. Again you are seeking to bring your light and truth to the surface.


Acknowledge and be grateful for the mirrors life offers. Each one is seeking only to bring your light to the surface, so you can see, and be, the love that you truly are.


God Bless You! We love you so very much.


-- The Angels


Message From Ann


Years ago I was laying by the pool at my apartment complex when a man started talking to me. I could feel my stomach tighten. He was being pleasant enough at first, but something felt very wrong. He asked what I did for a living. “I’m a spiritual teacher” I replied. His face suddenly turned beet red. His jaw tensed. His throat bulged as he hissed at me,“Spiritual???” “My EX-WIFE thought she was spiritual. I studied under..." and then he named some guru, continued to curse his ex-wife and made fun of me.


The conversation took a bad turn as he started to make inappropriate and lewd comments. I wrapped my beach towel around my me, and as calmly as possible, excused myself. He shouted after me as I left the pool. For months he harassed me. He seemed to appear out of nowhere, hurling angry, nasty remarks at me nearly every time I left my apartment. He terrified me.


I prayed for him to go away or to stop. I begged God to help me. Crying one night I begged the angels for help, “Why is he being so mean! I didn’t do anything! I’m a good person! I help people!” The answer was lovingly honest. "Misery loves company. He upsets you and feeds off your fear. If you had no fear, he’d have no food for his anger. He is showing you those areas deep in your soul where you don’t trust God to protect you. Stand in your light and all of this will stop.”


I felt their truth and their love. I knew they were right. He was feeding off my fears. I knew I had to trust God and get back to a loving state or else this lesson would keep appearing – if not in the form of this man, then in another.


The next day he and a friend started making their usual unkind comments. I felt the strong presence of angels around me. I ignored the two of them and walked past calmly. The friend yelled out, “You’re a real B-TCH.” They started laughing. Then, in answer to my prayers, the loving power of God possessed me.


I stopped, calmly walked back to face them and looked them in the eye. For the first time, I truly saw them. They weren't monsters. They were terrified little boys in big angry bodies. I saw the pain that possessed them. They were men who felt like failures with women, and only by attacking me and making me more fearful, could they feel any semblance of power. Their fear had helped me see my own.


Compassion washed over me, and the strength of Archangel Michael. Softly and kindly I said, while still maintaining eye contact, “Actually I’m a really good person. I help people every day. I donate a lot of my time to helping those who are wounded and in grief. If your friend were kinder, I wouldn’t seem like such a B*TCH to you.” Silence. Gazing into their eyes with God’s love and truth I felt compassion rush through me again. They looked downward, as their souls recognized truth. I walked away. They never bothered me again. I prayed that they might find peace.


Here are a few pointers to help you look in the mirrors of life this week


1. Choose a few things, or some people you admire, and acknowledge their qualities in yourself


What you admire in others lives within you. Do you love the softness of a blanket that comforts you? Maybe you have a soft sweet side that needs comfort, or maybe you are a comfort for others. Do you like fast cars or the wind against your face? Maybe you like the sensation of movement and change. Do you admire someone in public? Why? Those qualities live within you too.


You'll see the beauty, grace, and goodness within yourself by looking in the beautiful mirrors of life.


2. When someone upsets you ask yourself, "In any way – small or large – where I am treating myself the way they are treating me?"


If you are bothered by an angry person, ask yourself, "Am I angry at myself, perhaps because I can't find a nice way to interact with them or change them? Have I been unkind to myself at all? Do I push away my own anger and judge it or do I have compassion for myself when I'm upset?" Do a little soul level digging and see what you find. If there were no anger within you at all, you still might not like their behavior, but it would no longer create an emotional charge.


Say someone has lied to you. None of us would like that. However, if it creates great upset, ask yourself, "Is there any area in my life where I have been lying to myself?" I was once horribly upset with someone who lied to me and cheated. My self-lie and self-betrayal, was that I was ignoring my own heart. I knew they weren't being honest and I didn't want to look at that. I was trying to tell myself everything was ok, when I clearly felt differently. I was lying to and betraying, myself.


You might never like the behavior but when you are healed of anything that resonates with it, there will be little to no emotional charge.


3. If you need help, ask your angels for insight


Simply ask. Enjoy your day and trust they'll get the answer to you somehow. They might have someone else give you the insight. It might pop in your head, or you might flip open a book and find the answer. There are many ways they will work with you. These are advanced lessons. It is often awe-inspiring and humbling to see your own beauty and grace in the mirrors of life. It is often incredibly difficult to focus on yourself when you don’t like the behaviors of another. Nonetheless, it is the most powerful way to create lasting change in your mind and heart.


Love you all!



Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers, www.VisionsofHeaven.com



Super New Moon in Gemini 25 May 2017 ??? Bringing the Start of a New Cycle

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Super New Moon in Gemini 25 May 2017 – Bringing the Start of a New Cycle

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BY GOSTICA · MAY 19, 2017


Super New Moon in GeminiThe potent Super New Moon falls in the air sign of Gemini on May 25th, 2017.


This Super New Moon is going to bring the start of a new cycle, however before this new energy can emerge, the old has to be cleared.


The old energy we are clearing this time around comes from the events that stirred around the Scorpio Full Moon earlier in the month.


This was an intense Full Moon that likely brought things to the surface that needed to be cleared for some time.



newmoon-gemini-3-380x235Even though this Full Moon was only a few weeks ago, it is likely that it also brought things to the surface from way back in August 2016.



Perhaps if you look back on your life from that time period till now, you will see just how your journey has unfolded and how themes may have returned in order to be cleared or worked through once and for all.


New Moons and Full Moons always represent the start and end of a cycle, but often their impact lingers for months or even years. This is especially true when we have a Super Moon or an Eclipse.



This year, the Super New Moon in May will also be followed by another Super New Moon in June. This double hit of strong lunar energy means that things over the next few weeks may feel intense.


The Moon is responsible for our deeper emotions and feelings. The Moon rules over the unseen worlds and can bring whatever is hiding in our subconscious mind to the surface.


This can be confronting at times and can also challenge us to really make changes on the deepest of levels.


The Moon also challenges us to pay attention to our intuition and the more energetic or spiritual sides of life.




new moon geminiAs the Super New Moon falls in Gemini, it will be guiding us to focus on our thoughts and how we have been communicating to ourselves, to others and to the world.


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Gemini energy is very “thought” driven and often there are times where we all experience our thoughts running away from us.

It is important to understand that our thoughts don’t really belong to us. In a way, our thoughts are like a stream that floats above us, and the thoughts we gravitate towards are the ones that are in alignment with the vibration we are emitting.



Your thoughts are not who you are. You are in fact, the observer of your thoughts but when you blur those lines and identify as your thoughts, that is when suffering can occur.


The Universe doesn’t cause our suffering, we do, our thoughts do. Events come and go, but it’s the thoughts we hold onto that cause us to suffer so much more.


We stress, we worry, we become fearful, and very soon we feel mentally, emotionally and even physically sick.




This New Moon is going to be challenging us to view our thoughts differently.


This Gemini energy is going to be guiding us to remember that we are simply the observer of our thoughts and that our thoughts don’t have to define us.


We may also find comfort in the fact that the more positive and harmonious we can make our thoughts, the more likely we are to feel better.


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We don’t need to engage with all thoughts that come in, but we can open our mind to welcoming in positive and loving thoughts, for no other reason other than to feel good.



In fact, this is the super power that we all have- we are all in charge of choosing our thoughts, and what we choose can have a huge impact on how we view our lives.


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This Gemini Super Moon is definitely going to be playing with our minds and encouraging us to review and assess the state of our mental activity and our thought processes.



When you can master your thoughts, that is when you will be able to master your life! So use this New Moon as an opportunity to reprogram the way you think.



The crescent moon  ocean the energy of this Super New Moon may feel intense, but know that the more you can keep your mind clear and positive, the easier it is going to be to navigate through.


The May Super New Moon energy is going to linger for the coming weeks and will work alongside the Super New Moon of June, so you may not be able to fully feel the start of the new cycle just yet.



This month, Mother Moon will need some time to work her magic.


In fact, if you were planning to use this New Moon for manifestation work, you may have to wait a few days in order for this energy to settle so you can really see things clearly and manifest from a clear frame of mind.


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Everyone is going to be affected by this New Moon slightly differently, so just keep an open mind and go with the flow.


Mother Moon is always on our side, we just have to trust.1



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By: Tanaaz


9 Symptoms of Solar Plexus Pain And What to Do in Each Case

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9 Symptoms of Solar Plexus Pain And What to Do in Each Case

BY GOSTICA · MAY 8, 2017

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9 Symptoms of Solar Plexus Pain And What to Do in Each CaseIn this article we discuss symptoms of solar plexus pain. The solar plexus is just located below the middle of the human ribs at the gravitational center of the torso.


Solar plexus pain is often associated to it due to its important role in karate and martial arts.


Locating it is quite easy, just follow each line under your rib using each single hand;at the point they get to meet is considered the solar plexus. Biologically its stated as being located just below the lungs and chest and just above the stomach.


Often referred to as the ‘celiac plexus’, it is quite a complex network of arteries and nerves that regulate and connect many of the body organs. It also strategically located just at the front of the diaphragm so as to aid in regulating our breathing.


As said above, it plays a major role in karate, martial arts and other hard played styles; this is because it is the best body part your opponent can aim at and punch you real hard in case they want to set you off balance and throw your body off a far distance.


A strong punch aimed at the solar plexus would really hurt a lot due to the abundant nerve cells is has and it would also cause the diaphragm to push out nearly all the air out of your lungs. In addition, the punch may cause you to double over.



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Chinese beliefs also state that in the cases of less intense martial arts styles, the solar plexus is the ideal rough location of what is referred to as the ‘dantien’ and is considered to be the center of the ‘Qi’ energy.




Solar Plexus Pain

The solar plexus is quite complex due to the numerous nerve cells it has and would be therefore so hard to determine what might be causing the pain.


Scientists believe that due to its proximity to the lungs and the stomach and the immense number of nerves running through it, the pain and discomfort can be caused by quite a variety of problems that would include:


– stomach ulcers


– stress



– indigestion/ acid flux


– stretched muscle


– muscle cramp/ spasm


– cancer (metastatic or pancreatic)


– chronic pancreatitis


– nerve damage i.e those caused by vitamin deficiency or injury


– bruising


It would therefore mean that in situations of such pain, you should visit a professional medic so as to ascertain the exact cause of your pain as its prognosis and treatment largely depends on this.


One of the major causes that has led to the pain is the Metastatic cancer that spreads very fast via the large network of nerves. It is quite a serious medical condition and should be taken care of before its state gets to an uncontrolled level.


However, there are certain symptoms that you can deal with at an individual level. For example, if your body is prone to stomach ulcers it would mean that whatever is causing the pain in your solar plexus would definitely be the ulcers. It is therefore recommended that you take oral painkillers to exacerbate this problem.


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In the cases of indigestion, you can take antacids so as to regulate this and in addition, you can try eating more slowly and chew more thoroughly . Stretching, breathing and massages can also assist reduce muscle cramps.


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By: spiritualunite.com

10 Signs You Are Experiencing a Recalibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul System

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10 Signs You Are Experiencing a Recalibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul System

BY GOSTICA · MAY 10, 2017

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10 Signs You Are Experiencing A Recalibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul SystemAs we transition from a third dimensional reality to a hyper dimensional existence we are experiencing a recalibration of our mind-body-soul being.


This activation of cellular restructuring, a quantum make over, has been triggered by cosmic waves of light energy flowing through and around our planet for she, too, is recalibrating, raising her frequencies.


This process has been triggered and is being monitored. We are being guided, as a planet and as individuals, protected and healed.


The transition from third dimension existence to multi dimensional living is tricky and challenging. Highs of intense, creative energy surges followed by deep lows of blurry head, physical tiredness, poor short term memory and tearful moments.


We may feel internally conflicted, like we are being pulled in different directions. We may be more aware of the control dramas others are playing out around us. We may see through the lies and manipulations of people or society in a way we never did before.


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This can be disconcerting, confusing and leave us feeling under the weather, tired and restless. As our bodies recalibrate we need to rest, stay hydrated and eat well.


We are moving from a linear existence in the third dimension to hyper dimensional reality where time is quantum. We will exist in past, present and future simultaneously.


This is the fifth dimension. Full of love, abundance, flow and balance. As we transition we move between the third, fourth and fifth dimensions. During sleep our dreams allow our spirit to free itself from the dense vibrations of the body in the third dimension.


We may experience timeline slippage or acceleration. This is a rare and incredible celestial event. A unique opportunity to release karma and evolve.



10 Signs You Are Experiencing a Recalibration Of Your Mind-Body-Soul System


Your body is changing:


You are more sensitive to chemical based products- skin irritations, allergies.

You cannot tolerate synthetic food the way you used to.

You experience aches, pains, colds and flu’s, stomach bugs, blurry vision, popping and buzzing in your ears and unusual headaches.

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Your mind is expanding:


You are actively filtering out ‘news’ trying to disconnect from the fear and depression it generates.

You have woken up to much of the lies and deceit played out in global politics.

You are remembering childhood passions, creative outlets you enjoyed but forgot about.


Your soul imprint is changing:


You are seeking quieter ways of being.

You are in the process or have shed friends/colleagues/family who bring your vibrations down.

You are drawn to meditation, yoga, healing therapies, being in nature in a way you never have before.

You are aware of fluctuations in your perception of time.


As we disconnect from the matrix, the holographic third dimension, flowing with surges in cosmic waves, we feel this mind-body-soul recalibration, and it’s not easy. Many people are restricting their diet cutting out wheat, gluten, meat, dairy products. The move towards organic non GMO food speaks of this.


The fight to stop Monsanto also shows a movement of awakening to the poisons of the matrix. The food weapon agenda is increasingly recognized and fought against. Alternative holistic remedies to matrix made illnesses like cancer drive the battle for freedom and disconnection from the kabals’s hold and control of the third dimension.


All of this adds up to a bumpy ride friends. We are to rise above the matrix, raise our vibrations in alignment with Gaia yet still exist in the matrix. To be grounded, mindful, living the third dimension life whilst simultaneously attaining connectedness to the frequency of the multi verses, of love, of universal oneness.



The law of free will dictates our freedom to choose, we are sovereign beings operating in a quantum web of infinite possibilities and opportunities in time and space. The vastness and intricacies of this frighten some whilst others feel reassured to know we are individual, sovereign in our own right yet simultaneously connected to all life in this convoluted, complicated multi verse.


Meditate, connect to your higher self and the cosmic flow of love energy for guidance and healing during this intense period of upgrade.


Realignment of our chakras to the higher frequencies of cosmic ascension is the heart of recalibration. Balancing of the mind-body-soul trinity.


We are excavating the root chakra, rebalancing our sacral chakra, powering up the solar plexus, opening and living through the heart, projecting our authentic selves through throat and activating our third eye and crown chakra. We seek alignment root to crown.



Self care is the modus operandi of the day. This is ground zero. Politically, economically we are all working harder, fighting a corrupt system plagued through mainstream media with war destruction, fear and horror, this is masses of tough sticky dark energy to wade through.


All the while lightening ourselves through meditation and upgrades. This requires a change in contextual perspective for many of us. The capitalist matrix dictates work work work, compete, feel inferior, work work work, compete. This is not conducive to self care.


So how to navigate these stormy, challenging times? I don’t have great words of wisdom. Calamine lotion is my friend. My husband and children keep me mindful of a beautiful present. My soul tribe keep me laughing. My home is my haven. Meditation keeps me sane.



We signed up to this. Either as a lightworker here with a cosmic and personal mission or as a soul riding the karmic release waves on planet earth as its panopticon prison crumbles.


This is a rare, momentous and incredible time to be alive, breathing and here! When you’re kicked back someday in a starship lounge enjoying a cosmic cocktail this is the lifetime you and your tribe will be reminiscing about.


This lifetime with its peaks and troughs, waves of intense growth towards freedom, unique experiences and true beauty of the planet and the human experience. This is the lifetime we will all remember. The one we cleared hundreds of lifetimes worth of karma.


This is it friends. The big one. Be in the present with your kids, your pals, your people. Love and be loved. Rest when and as often as you can. Stay hydrated.


And remember it’s happening to lots of us. The force has awakened, the red pill swallowed, Kansas is going bye bye and the new earth is where we are headed. Stay relaxed beautiful people, be calm and go with the flow, meditate and give yourself some love.



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Wake Up and Walk Away from the Rain of Pain

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Wake Up and Walk Away from the Rain of Pain

By Guy Finley

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There is one essential reason why there is so much constant heartache and war on this earth, and why conflict has continued as it has down through the ages. The answer may surprise you. We do not understand the nature of our own pain--our suffering. Billions of us live with almost no understanding of how much hurt lies hidden in our hearts and minds; in this case, ignorance is not bliss.


In fact, most of us carry, buried in the depths of ourselves, untold amounts of unconscious woe. Regardless of our religion, skin color, social position, or cultural conditioning, psychological pain plays no favorites; we all pay the price of the ensuing blame game.


From battles with family and friends, all the way up to world conflict, wars persist because the pain that drives this great divide between us is not understood; in the end, it is the ignorance of this pain that manifests war. So, even though it isn't exactly a popular study, we must examine our suffering. It is a law: what remains concealed can never be healed. Only true self-knowledge can bring an end to our tears, whatever their nature. In the end, the only way out of any "rain of pain" is to wake up and walk away from the self-ignorance from out of which it pours. Use the following new self-knowledge to help you step into the sunlight of your true self.


Wherever there is opposition, resistance follows. For instance, in nature, in the physical world, this kind of conflict is natural, necessary, and accepted. After the winds pass, the trees they've touched--having been exercised and duly strengthened, accordingly--resume their natural course of life. They don't stand there and resent the wind that stirred them up and perhaps even stripped them of their beautiful leaves. This interaction between what is active (the wind) and what is passive (the tree) sees to the gradual perfection of everything created--or at least it's intended to.


Whenever we experience unwanted moments, or "winds" that challenge both our vessel and our vision of some safe harbor to come, we resist them tooth and nail. We fight with almost anything or anyone who seems to oppose us, struggling in vain to control or avoid what we see as punishing us. And for this opposition we reap its result: the unconscious pain of being in conflict with life's higher purposes.


What we fail to realize, however, is that without those opposing forces working their way in and upon us, inertia would rule the day: our nature would be unable to change. Strange as it seems, without consciously realizing our own limitations, it's impossible for our understanding to grow; and, without higher self-awareness, we could never come to this vital realization:


Life will always give you something greater than what it's asked you for, providing you're willing to let go of that part of yourself that, for fear of the new, favors what's old. It's impossible to cling to who you have been...and be free of yourself at the same time.


Your success depends upon being able to see that real life is secretly a single, beautiful movement incapable of contradicting itself. The more you understand how this one truth includes everything that happens to you, the more you'll be willing to let go and enter into the flow of even your most unwanted moments!


In this light, the old adage "let go and let God" takes on a whole new meaning; it is a single action born of two harmonizing parts: the need to release yourself from a part of yourself that no longer serves your best interests, and the simultaneous rebirth of a new order of self beyond anything you could have imagined.


This article is excerpted from The Secret of Your Immortal Self (pages 71-76).


By Guy Finley