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12 Dimensions of Ascension

Posted by Rev Rosalie Dehmuir on October 4, 2010 at 7:41 AM

12 Dimensions of Ascension

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Shannon Fry:

Based on a discussion from the last teleclass Meg and I hosted, I

have delineated the 12 dimensions as a guide for our earthly

ascension process. My understanding of the journey through the

levels has come through my own experience on the ascension path and

through the guidance of my Soul and Spirit during meditation- the

key practice through my ascension process. I hope these descriptions

help as they are a brief summary of the grand process known as our



As an aside, it is my understanding that, even if we have ascended

consciously to a specific level through our existence outside of the

earth realm we must ascend, here, through these levels as well. All

humans must eventually ascend rather than stay in "lock down" on a

certain level (such as the 3rd to the 4th). If we are here with some

previous level of mastery, so much the better, since we must unlock

the gates from the earth level working from the inside out. As we

form a collective through group ascension in such a short linear

period of time (1st level), we may collapse the old collective to

build a new reality, or New Earth.


12 Dimensions of Ascension

by Shannon Fry









Physical Matter

Physical matter is within time and space so the dimensions

build on one another, or each new dimension contains all

previous levels.



Here we go beyond physical reality to the layer of emotions.

Ascension through the 4th level involves growing accustomed

to experiencing and containing positive

Emotions such as joy, exultation, compassion, and feelings

of solidarity. Love is a feeling of beingness which we

encounter on this level as we are to take Love as a state

of being through our journey of greater expanding levels to

come. As we learn to contain Love, discordant emotions fall

away, and as our heart center quiets and expands in Love we

begin to touch into a stillness which leads us through the

passage of the gate to the 5th level or dimension.



The 5th dimension contains the still point field where Soul

Union is achieved. Through love and the compassionate peace

of stillness found through the 4th dimension and into the

5th, we have gained our first gift of mastery into soul love

which is experienced at this level. As we sit in the expanded

stillness of Soul Union, we come into contact with the sense

of allowing ourselves to be. In Soul Union, there is

acceptance of all that is within our own field and system

when we are in a balanced state. The state of holding balance

amongst all that is within us is an unwavering acceptance of

Truth, and this is Union. As we gain the level of mastery to

hold the still point field of pure Soul Union, we will fall

back on it again and again as we journey through the expanding

realms of levels to come. As we continually hold the still

point field, we gain access to the gate of access to the

6th level.



At the 6th dimension we align with our Soul's life. It's

useful to see that our emotions had to be mastered as we

learned to fall back on Love (mastery of the 4th) which

allowed us to be in Truth/Union (level 5) before we would be

ready for our soul's mission. Here our life can gain a

resonance to our Soul's Truth. That which is not useful or

is misaligned will begin to decay, collapse, or fall away.

All is well. We can continually fall back into Love and the

Union of Truth as we have these keys on our journey through

this level. As we begin to align ourselves with our Soul's

Truth first within (level 5) than without (6), we begin our

passage into the 7th level.



With the 7th level begins Unity Consciousness as we align with

resonant Souls and form communities of similar intent. One does

not meld into another. With the 7th level it is imperative for

the group to have all members in their Truth with their Soul

gifts, knowledge, and mission present to contribute to the

collective. In a dualistic reality, there is competition and

jealousy and a feeling of needing and taking with a deep fear

of being "eclipsed" by another's light. With the Unity

Consciousness of the 7th level there is great joy- even

exultation- with being in another's good company. As one

shines out in true resonance they work as a treasured part of

the collective becoming an inspiration to all others as well as

a great gift. As we have learned to be in our own Soul's

resonance through the 5th through 6th levels and to be with

others in their Soul's resonance to create an enlightened

collective, we journey into the 8th dimension.



The 8th level combines all previous levels which extends into

a culmination faze. As we consolidate in our Soul's presence,

we have learned through the test of our existence to fall onto

our backbone- Love- and then to expand within the still point

of neutrality in the Union of Truth. We have done so for

ourselves, our lives, and for others. As we contain ourselves

and solidify within these lessons, even testing them a few more

times in their entirety, we pass through the 8th level and into

the 9th.



As we reach the 9th gate after having the consolidating and

testing which gave us the culmination phase of the 8th, we go

through an expansion. We are now ready to broaden our horizons

in this journey. We have enough containment of our own Soul

presence and an hnoring of Truth for ourselves and others that

we can expand our horizons without losing our bearings. This

level helps us on our path to a greater journey of exposure to

All That Is. We can go through a spiritual expansion, gain

exposure to other philosophies, beliefs, and systems that have

varying backgrounds of growth- often different from our own-

and be unthreatened, discerning the Truth as we are able to do

since it is already alive within us. We can get fascinated by

other realms of consciousness and gain confidence in broadening

our horizons. We still remain unchanged within our Truth even

as we allow our perspective to broaden.



Once we have become comfortable, very comfortable, with expansion,

we may enter the 10th level where we are now able to with interest,

objectivity, and ease. Expand past our own limitations. We enter

into the refiners fire where, although it's not easy without the

Tools gained through prior levels of existence, we are adept. We

begin to release all prior limitations and any lower perspective

we cannot take into the realm of our God-Realized selves. Here at

the 10th level it takes our active participation using our Tools

attained to pass through the various dimensions thus far to have

the courage, ability, and perspective to expand past all limiting

systems in order to drop them out. With our broadened perspective

we are capable of viewing, discerning, and addressing our own

shadow and self-imposed limitations no ,longer serving us by this

level. That which used to feel safe or allowed us to "work within

the system" is now becoming irrelevant for we are working within

our own system of Truth within the greater field of Divine Law.

Once we are able to approach our past issues of a confined

existence prior to being God-Realized, we have gained enough

compassion and deep understanding to pass through the gate to

the 11th dimension.



At the 11th level our Soul is very close to coming into being

God-Realized or One with the Truth of our existence and

All That Is. We are no longer attached to what once contained

us to any past level, and so we must use all that we know, are,

and have attained through our journey through all previous

dimensions and realize this: we can be in our Truth while being

aware and present with All That Is. It is a level of mastery

to be attained at the 11th dimension to remain in equanimity

while being aware of and in the presence of shadow, and not just

our own. I like to consider the passage through the 11th level

the equivalent of attaining one's "black belt" on the ascension

path. Here we enter into the realms of shadow which are not our

own and never lose sight of the Light of Truth among the

illusions that exist. We see and are in the presence of the

infarctions that exist on Divine Law and yet are unwavering in

the light of our own existence. While any violations of Divine

Law at previous levels may have deluded us or caused grievances,

now simply sits in our awareness as what is in existence. We

are not lost, or forsaken. All is well. We begin our ascent to

the 12th dimension.



At the 12th level we are our God Light; One in Divine Union

amongst All That Is. We know, through the conscious testing that

is our existence, that we are an eternal spark of Creation, an

unwavering light amongst All That Is. With this deep connection

to our presence that is God we are aligned with the Creator, and

here we have a gate where, with the greatest joy and calm mastery,

we will make a continuous passage. I and the Creator (all of us

present in our beingness) are One.


As mentioned earlier, no matter where we may have evolved to through

our greater existence, we must pass through all levels for earthly

ascension. This process involves spiritual effort such as selfless

deeds for the greater good, service, and meditation as well as Divine

Timing and Assistance.


It has been my experience in working with clients as an ascension

healer that one can be tested greatly at the level they have reached

and are trying to master prior to coming here. For example, I have

worked with clients who have incarnated as star seeds (beings who have

evolved past 3rd dimensional reality outside of the earth plane) at,

say, the 6th level who have for lifetimes tried to master the theme

of honoring the life path of their Soul's Truth which may be outside

of the status quo consciousness of the time or family in which they

incarnated in. In their struggle to attain mastery at this level,

they may join the status quo and react strongly against anyone

breaking free of this to follow their mission and thus karma- and the

lessons this entails- ensue. In this way, the earth plane is a

brilliant testing ground for us to experience our existence.


I have found, like many of us, that the intensity of the ascension

process has quickened in recent years. Much has come to pass as non-

truth at various levels breaks away and we are given a choice: to get

into the pilot's seat and, with rising awareness, take the steps

needed to embrace our greater Truth, or fall deeper into delusion

clinging to that which must go. Now is the time. Namaste.


Shannon Fry is an Ascension Healer who offers private sessions by

phone or in person at the Crystalline Healing Center in Los Angeles,

California. For more information on Soul Body Union Therapy or to

contact her, go to: www.soulbodyunion.com


Copyright © 2010 Shannon Fry • All Rights Reserved


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