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9th dimensional Rays of Light

Posted by Rev Rosalie Dehmuir on August 3, 2012 at 7:10 AM

‎"We gather today with you for a Divine purpose, one of anchoring and activating the 9th dimensional Rays of Light that shall bring about the final planting of the seeds of "True Religion" and the Ascension for humanity to find the Divine Light of the Indigo Ray within all the chakras of the four lower bodies. We will take you into the realm of Indigo consciousness placing within the heart of each of you the 9th dimensional Indigo Vibration linking you to the Crystal Consciousness of the Earth plane, and other planes of Higher Consciousness. This is the day where the veils between Atlantis and the mass consciousness becomes very thin, the thinnest it has been in 3,500 years. We ask each of you as leaders in the spotlight of love to surrender to the power of Spirit and trust the veils of illusion in your personal world are lifting rapidly, revealing to you the true nature of Spirit, spirituality, religion and ascension. The further you journey down the path of ascension, the more you discover about your true self. These are very precious discoveries, for it is valuable aspects of the Divine self, empowering you to move into your true role as a leader in the time line of ascension.


We are increasing the rate at which Lightworkers are integrating light, for the purpose of ensuring the world you live in is one that embodies the predominant Rays of Golden Consciousness. I, Saint Germain am to take you through very important initiations over the next 14 days. Very delicate work was performed anchoring the flames of the 12 levels of consciousness in the crown chakra. Now it is time to complete the work and root it in the base chakra. Today we begin this process. All of you present today (and those who come to read this in the future) are anchors for this energy holding a level of a flame within your body, facilitating and serving through the particular flame you have been assigned and through the light it offers you.


The flames of the crown chakra have opened up the true crown chakra intelligence of the 9th dimensional Ray for humanity to tap into this very powerful information base. It is like a morphogenetic field holding intelligence. Individuals now have the ability to tune into and withdraw information that shall serve the true anchoring of "true religion" and the ascension plans for the future. It is linked to a Universal connectivity bringing crown chakra intelligence, throat chakra true communication and base chakra harmonious rooting into physical manifestation in the material world where souls embodied in human form can learn and grow together. It is of great importance humanity learn to develop skills collectively and tap into the intelligence of the crown chakra so as to formulate solutions to problems modern day society has been confused by. In a way, this is taking humanity back to the original role of communication with the Earth and its natural resources. The crystal kingdom creates a telepathic link with humanity today through the 9th dimension, so as to transmit the crown chakra intelligence and the throat chakra true communication for the purpose of anchoring harmonious root systems within the collective system for the creation of new connective etheric tissue to bring the heart of humanity together, unifying the consciousness of these three chakras.


9th dimension is the world of Spiritual Illumination and brings the blessings of unconditional love. It is the humanitarian thread all of you are tapping into, feeling yourself motivated to serve, to open your heart and share. The generosity of energy you give out unconditionally is what will keep the doors of the 9th dimensional heavens open to you, providing you with all the energy you require to ensure the Divine roles of service you have committed to are carried out." St Germain 9D Indigo Ray Activation through Michelle Manders.



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