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Goddess Isis sharing of the NOW times .24-4-1017

Posted by Rev Rosalie Dehmuir on April 24, 2017 at 1:25 AM

Goddess Isis sharing of the NOW times. 

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I am Isis, My Beloved ones I come with so much love in my heart to speak with you of the now, the now that so many of you I see and feel you are in such fear, this is not your fault , Dear Ones however I am not here to point to who and where the fault lies , you all know, I am here to remind you to remember to keep the faith, help each other to stay strong and watch out for others who maybe not coping, it is a lot to handle if you are watching the news each night and then watching Facebook for the latest doom too is it not?

Enough, there are armies of Lightworkers working along with the official armies that protect you all and keep you safe, so please do not worry so and keep the faith and each of you could use your prayers and manifest that all will be well, this is the outcome we all wish for, believe it .So Be it.

It is wonderful to connect to many who have wished to be closer to me and others here in the higher realms even more so now the veil between us has gone along with those who are connecting with me are no longer totally in 3rd dimension but also having complete love and faith in our connection. For this I am very grateful and I bow to you with so much love.

Just a brief note on the animals, especially the ones who live with you, they are not understanding the tension of the times so if they are behaving quite different at present you may need to pacify them a bit more than usual, they feel the stress .

The same as our bodies need a pacifying diet at the moment, if you find your digestion system is out of balance, a good idea to have light meals to bring it back into balance. Often when it is hard to digest what is going on in life it also becomes hard to digest the food you eat but when you notice that happening if you can start bringing back your faith in the matter and caring for your digestion at the same time with different foods till you feel balanced you will be back in control.

It has been a little while since I have spoken like this however I am speaking in Training classes at the moment and I am always very close to many of you and I am just a message away, Please if you need me , my call is Isis Isis Isis ,

My Love & Blessings to all until we speak again Be Peace, Be Love, Be Joy.

Received from Isis to Rosalie Muir this day 24th April 2017

Please Share as long as you give credit and do not change anything,

Thank you, Rosalie Muir www.thecrystalgateway.org


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