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Opening to Channel your Spirit Guides Online via Skype *

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Sunday June 18, 2017 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Weekly on Sunday

I, Rosalie Muir have taught this Course since 1999.


9 weeks Course -3 full hour s Per Class each week, Investment details below.

Ra and Isis are my main, most prominent guides and give guidance & messages throughout the course.

A Certificate at the End of Course will be sent to you as well as an MP3 to assist you further .

You will be guided through exercises that will remove any blocks to becoming a clear & perfect Channel.

I will be taking you right through on how to protect,achieve a trance state,exercises to allow you to be open for your Guides whether it be through Healing ,Relaying messages,Any of the Arts ;Singing,Writing, etc.


I Rosalie, along with the assistance of Ra ,Isis & your Guides will be guiding you in a gentle way to connect to your Guides by being a clear and perfect Channel.

To be a Clear channel ,there needs to be no blocks so that is what this course is all about.

Once the blocks are cleared you will be able to open your channel and be ready for t,his will be what we all be doing in this New Earth so you will be ready, we have arrived , feel it.


Opening the heart.


Opening your third eye.


Balancing & Marrying your male & female aspects.


Raising your vibration.


Trancing for deeper connection


Brain Integration.


Reprogramming from The Law of One.


Christ Consciousness connection.


Light Body Connection & more....


Some may verbally channel either with the language of Light, or verbally in your own voice, or it may change, or not, besides being lead to write messages down as they come through to pass on after which is the most usual way to begin with until you are both completely confident with each other to co-create the messages.

This is a very practical Course with very little notes but you will be free to make any of your own as well as messages that may come through so bring a notebook in case.


There will be Meditation & Channeled messages ,Healing,and Guidance with lots of sharing of experiences you each have in your Awakening.


You do not need to be experienced in any way as everyone is a Channel for the Divine if the desire is great enough with Faith and Trust being the two main Ingredients.

Choosing the day will come together so we can join as a group of Spiritual Beings having a deeper Spiritual Connection to the Higher Realms.

Channeling is your Birth Right & it may be used for many different reasons through Art, Healing Writing,Counselling or Readings but most of all you will have a close relationship with your Guide and Higher Self for answers to your questions & guidance along your path.


As I live in Australia,mornings(my time zone) will suit most as it will be evening in most places.

I have worked out the times for Australia & GMT time so if you need any help with converting times go to http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock.com .


This date is to be February & it is a Sunday mornings in Australia & afternoon/evening in the USA.


Location via Skype Local time- 10 am Time zone Gold Coast, Brisbane,(Australia - Queensland

Investment for the whole Course if paid in full( $35 discount ) paying by Paypal or my bank details if in Australia.


I have decided to reduce the fee to make it easier as so many are wishing to join but cannot afford the advertised Fee so I will reduce it to $35 per class of 3 hours per week.

Investment per 3 hour session on a weekly basis to suit all will be $35 auto payment from PayPal


or $315 for the whole Course if paid in full paying by Paypal. Discount applies of $35 = $280


(Paying in two payments if not in full, will be $160)The second payment to be by the fifth Class.



Please give me your e-mail address so I can send you an invoice from paypal with your choice of payment and your skype name so I can add you for the course and I will give you mine.or you may make your first payment here.




This is the Requirement/Preparation for those who do this Course.




I am so looking forward to connecting with you.




1.I suggest you have a cleansed area that you will be learning in ,by this I mean, either smudging with a simple prayer ,here is a powerful yet simple one _


















and I will be giving you more prayers to complete the process, using either a smudge stick or incense with the intent that the room you are learning in is filled with light and love.




2.Have any favorite crystal with you or around you.




3.Please do not eat a heavy meal,or Caffeine,Stimulants, at least 3 hours prior to the Class,this will help you go into a deeper state .




4.Make sure phones are switched off during the 3 hours of learning as mine will be too.




5.Choose your favorite relaxation CD to play just before you go into Meditation,I will be having music in the background but when you are in silence,you will not hear it.


6.Have water close by.




7.Please let me have an e-mail address so I can send you any notes that I feel will help you and of course for your Certificate at the end .with your name you wish to have on the certificate.don't worry I will not use it for any other purpose unless you request ,such as Newsletters or Inspirational material.




8.Make sure you are comfortable so that you are able to sit with a straight back.




Be Ready to enjoy the start of your Journey & Courtship with your Guides in Opening to Channel,


all classes are linked in a way to progress in a gentle way of Opening and Connecting to your Guides so it is important not to miss any as it is all Practical.




If you have any questions you need to ask about this course prior to starting ,please message me asap ,


Love & Light,Namaste Rev Rosalie Muir on Facebook or by e-mailing me @ [email protected]












Minimum deposit to hold your place is $35 for your first 2 classes

however either half or full price needs to be paid whichever is agreed upon, thank you, Rosalie Muir





As a Creator of this path that lies before you, there is no need for the seemingly large blocks that stand in your way, as a Creator, your ability to create are them into nothing but a small stone that can easily be tossed away, for the clarity and purpose with the remembrance comes Joy and Love, to remove all other emotions that are earthbound and not of your vibration ,which is 4th and 5th dimension ,the current dimension your home, Mother Earth resides on.

Have compassion for her labour that she is experiencing as you you need compassion for yourself as you more at one with her ,more and more in each divine moment.

And So It Is .


Received 16-1-2010

Rosalie Muir


I Am ~

Succumb to the stirrings of your heart where your spirit comes to life and inspiration floods your being.

How does one know the moment of awakening when life has been an illusion until now.

Re-membering the spirit of this now, the soul of this now,and the temple of this now,

a being of complete oneness.


channeled and written by Rosalie Muir


Shared with Love,Rosalie xo


These messages are being given to me during silent time during Teaching of Opening to Channel by my I Am presence so I will share them as they come with you all.



I Am !


Happiness simply happens when the Soul is smiling within a pure Temple of Isness.

A coming together of the plan that brought you back to earth to the Temple that just "IS".

As the inner smile connects to the outward smile, you know your path is clear.


Channeled and written 23-1-01


Rosalie Muir



Dear Family, Today my I Am presence gave me this message to share;


The Divinity of one's Soul need never doubt the purity of your Essence.


Allowing another to disturb your vibration is a sin beyond comprehension.

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Reply Rev Rosalie Dehmuir
6:47 PM on May 2, 2017 
Alane Combs says...
I would like to register for the course Channel to Your Spirit Guides starting on April 30, 2017. Paying in two payments of $160 via PayPal account. Skype Name: Alane Combs

I am sorry Alane because of not enough students for this date it is canceled till June, so hope there will be a nice full class to talk to our Guides, Blessings xx
Reply Alane Combs
12:05 AM on April 28, 2017 
I would like to register for the course Channel to Your Spirit Guides starting on April 30, 2017. Paying in two payments of $160 via PayPal account. Skype Name: Alane Combs