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Quotes Learning Gematra was so interesting it all resonated so much to me as i worked out the numerological process to receive my numbers. It involved my life purpose that i had been trying to find for so long. I could also work out my year and even the day number so i knew what the energies where like on that day. I would say one of the best courses i have done to understand myself and others. I highly recommend this course and all of the courses Rosalie has to offer because it is all about sharing and that is what a lot of our life purposes are about. I can now do the charts for others as presents or ask for donations for them...just wonderful.. Thank you Rev Rosalie for open my eyes and sharing your knowledge.. Love and blessing always. xoxox Quotes

Quotes I feel so blessed to be able to say that i am a master in Karuna Reiki. I spent a beautiful day with another lovely like minded soul and sister learning Karuna with Rosalie..it was such a fantastic experience feeling this new energy to work with, I adore Karuna Reiki and think anyone who has been using the traditional Reiki really should consider doing Karuna reiki with Rosalie..such a powerful and exhilarating experience. Love and Blessing my sister, friend and teach Rev Rosalie...Love you xoxxo Quotes
Karuna Reiki

Quotes I recently did the Journey with Rosalie. What an amazing experience. Seeing my past life's presented to me, helped me understand so much about this life time and also i found it incredibly empowering, i would recommend it to every one. Thank you Rosalie for the opportunity to experience The journey with you Namaste. Quotes
The journey

Quotes Sometimes it is nice to come here...and just feel the love. Thank you all, Dear Ones. ~APOL Quotes

Quotes I just want to thank you for create the best forum. Gracias adminos! : Quotes
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