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Channeled Psychic Reading for one hour via Skype,Phone or In Person !


Within your hour with me, Gematria(Ancient Egyptian Numerology)  will be used ,Messages from your Gulies/Angels and any who have crossed over and wish to give you a message.

I will only read by PHONE within AUSTRALIA.

I am an open Channel connected to the God/Goddess Ra & Isis & guided by them & your Guides 

Often Past Lives are shown if it is for your highest good in this life.

Counselling  or Advice if needed to guide you to your highest potential.


If you wish o short reading for just a few straight questions ,you may have a half hour reading for $40 .

Predictions if it  is for your benefit also.

Date of Birth given at time of appointment please as well as payment ,then contact me for times suitable., Namaste 

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