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Gematria Personal Chart (Ancient Egyptian Numerology)


A Gematria Reading is a comprehensive Chart showing your Potential in your life in every area of this Life that you have Chosen to Be. The Aspects Covered are PERSONALITY,BODY, MIND,  SPIRIT,  SOUL,  AT HEART, (HOW YOU GIVE & RECEIVE LOVE),  CONSCIOUSNESS,  LIFE PURPOSE.  

This Reading  tell you what you have come to learn and your highest show you your highest Potential you can reach in this Lifetime in each area of your Being.,The only Requirement is your D.O. B & your Name on your Birth Certificate.  Investment is $65 Per Chart If you wish to find a compatability between 2 people we need to do 2 Charts of course which I include Free explanation by email  If you require a peronal half hour explanation on top of the e-mail it will be an extra $50 Fee,  MESSAGE ME HERE OR [email protected]

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