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Reiki 11


Reiki 11


Reiki 11 is the next level when there is a tremendous increase in energy, and you receive two more Attunements and receive two more symbols to use, for the emotional level and helps to relieve stress also specifically for aligning the heart,,brow and crown chakras.


The third symbol is for distance healing,uncovering the past and present lives.


Reiki 11 can be received a day,week,or year later. You will be in class sending someone you know ,Healing by various methods. Then you are able to send Healing back to your child in the past and forward to heal a moment,for instance if you are applying for a position or anything you need to have success with. 

Online you will receive a Manual that you can study for a week before we spend up to 4 hours together showing you all of the above via Skype so that you gain the same as if we were together & you will receive a Certificate.

E-mail me if you wish further details [email protected] Namaste Rev Rosalie

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